Need help using Alcohol 120%

Hey all.

I’m going crazy here. About a few months ago I was using alcohol and blindwrite to make backups of games. I seemed to be able to copy just about anything with my Liteon 52x24x52 burner which is supposedly a good burner. Then at one point I was no longer able to copy anything without requiring some kind of emulation. Even something so simple as Safedisk 2 or 3 won’t even copy. I had Syberia 2 at one point and tried to make a backup using both programs…nothing I did worked. And a friend of mine does the same thing I do but he says he always gets it to work. What is the best prog and versions for copying things with safedisk 2 or 3, and the new Securom? I wasn’t able to backup Thief 3 the other day either. I know how to make the BWA files and I can usually do them ok. If not I download a good one. I have not been able to copy anything successfully for weeks no matter what it is. I have the latest firmware for my writer. Someone mentioned I might need an ASPI thing whatever it’s called…any suggestions???