Need Help Usinf DVDINFOpro!

I need some help using DVDINFOpro with my Pioneer DVR-108.

First off:
I am wondering how people are burning the DVDs before they scan them? (I am getting different results depending on how I burn).

How do you understand the results once you get them? People have said that you want a PI and PO less than 280?

Thanks so much!

I just burned a DVD in Nero at 12x with a folder full of photos from my digital camera. When I do a scan with ASPI sat in DVDINFOpro I get a different result then when I do a scan with SPTI.

Here is a ASPI:

and the SPTI:

Why the difference? What one should I use (ASPI or SPTI)?

You should try Nero CD/DVD Speed and see if it works. Together with Nero InfoTool you should get about the same information and without any ads!

I would not trust the Pioneer for scan results. I do not think it is working properly with infopro. Also posting infopro scans with that drive can mislead others on this site on what a good burn is, I would suggest we do not do that. :wink:

I do not think Nero works with Pioneers, AFAIK the pioneer is not really a accurate scaning drive.

Scanning is not an exact science with ANY drive and software - it’s unlikely that two scans of the same media in the same drive will return exactly the same values.

The SPTI option is often preferred, where available, as it avoids relying on an ASPI layer which may be missing or incomplete, or a troublesome version.

The two scans shown are generally comparable, in fact, I’d call them that same within measurement error, other than one exceeds PO limits and the other does not - both exceed PI limit.

The scale of 80 is also much too tight.

PS. Is that “fake TY” - 12x is an overspeed, but the quality seems to be going down the toilet at the end - I’d expect better from a Pioneer 108 and real TY media.

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll not post any more (innacurate) scans from the Pioneer.

>>I gess my next question would be, what drive is the best for testing? That is within a reasonable price range?<<<

Thanks for your time.

It seems like the media may be “fake” TY. The discussion can be found at this thread. I was hoping to test them, as well as my other media, but it seems the Pioneer is not the drive to do the testing.

If 80 is too tight of a scale then what is is a better range to set the scale at?

Also, I guess I have yet to understand how people are burning their DVDs? Does it matter as long as you fill them up?

Thank you for taking the time to educate a newbe. I have done a fair bit of reading around on this, yet still can’t seem to answer these questions.

Thanks again.

Since on a PI/PO scale, 280 is the standards compliance limit, I would scale at least up to there, or perhaps higher, or just use the auto-peak scale.

The only thing I have against auto peak scaling, is unless you look at the numbers, a good and a bad burn don’t look very different, and on the other side, a single spurious peak can make the lower end of the graph flatline.

A half-answer is a logarithmic scale (not sure if DIP does this) but the scale distortion makes it very hard to judge the result

All I can say is with my Pioneer and DVDinfopro I get wildly varying scans with the same disk. That tells me that either the software is not working yet with the drive, or the pioneer is not really made to do scans (my thought). I think it was just a marketing ploy by someone trying to sell software. :o

Thanks so much for your reply.

May I ask what you think of the BenQ DW-1620A? I am thinking of getting it for a second burner, for those times when I need two copies and also to check the quality of the burns.


Hi DoMin8ToR. Technically speaking, this statement is incorrect. CD/DVD Speed cannot as yet (am sure Erik has plans to implement it soon also!) report PI/PO errors for the DVR-108 running Pioneer firmwares.

Get two DW1620 for scanning and writing. :slight_smile:

(I’ve been considering to get one more DW1620 but its high price in South Korea stops me.)

That makes me wonder. Is it OK to use Asus firmware for DVR-108? Not sure whether there’s a tool for that.

Good point.

I have never tried to pop ASUS OEM firmware on my DVR-108’s personally. Not sure of the outcome. Has anyone else ever tried? Feasible if hardware is identical, no so feasible if not!

so what do you suggest as a good drive for scanning ?
thanx !!

It is an interesting issue.

As of firmware revision 1.37, for the Pioneer DVR-110, for example - the drive is a “reliable” means for parity scanning. That said, many people continue to ignore the drive as the results “look different” from their other drives. This is a shame that they ignore the facts however.

The simple answer here is that in order to get a scanning drive that has results that “look like” or are “comparable to” your friends here on CDFreaks - I suggest you invest in the latest LiteOn drives, or BenQ drives.

The SHW - 160H6S is a decent drive for such a task (quite new too!), as are the older 1693S drives, or the slightly newer 1635S’s. The BenQ’s are ok with their DD-1640 model.