Need Help Urgently



Hi guys and girlz

I have a 2cd svcd… now I have ripped the mpegs from both cds and tried to join them with many programs… i.e tmpgenc and a number of joiner progs…

But most say it cant be joined or if it does join them together it joins them however when i use tmpgenc to re-encode to a dvd it goes all the way though the movie… however when i check it using powerdvd it stops about the 49th minute…

I cant understand y plz help me

edit… I also tried to use dvd-lab and just make 2 video segments however when compiling the dvd it too stopped at the same point





Demux and remux your files. Use tmpgenc for this, in the File, mpeg tools section.
Choose Mpeg-2 Program (VBR) from the dropdown box during remuxing.
This will rewrite the correct headers without re-encoding or changing video.
In DVDLab, make two movies, with one menu.
Link something on the menu (VTS ROOT) to the first part.
Link the first part directly to the second part in the connections tab.
Compile and test.