Need Help Upgrading P4T533c



Perhaps someone could try to answer a few questions.

I have an Asus P4T533C MB with an Intel P4 2.26 and 512MB of PC1066 RDRAM
and the latest BIOS. I am considering upgrading to an Intel P4 3.06 and
adding another 512MB of RDRAM. Do you think that the upgrade is worth $400
or should I just get a new system? Are there any benefits to using a newer
model MB/Memory configuration? I have just purchased a new Geforce 6800
that is NOT PCI Express so that option is not an issue. Is it possible to
mix ECC and non-ECC memory modules? Is there anything I should know before
attempting to upgrade this MB? Also does anyone know of any reputable sites
that sell PC1066 as I’m having a difficult time finding one.


Simply, no it is not worth it.
$400 dollars will get you a cheap Core 2 Duo processor, and a new mobo. RDRAM has been selling for big bucks on ebay so selling that should cover the cost of new DDR2 memory.

Even the cheapest Core 2 Duo will smoke a P4 3.06. And they overclock on stock voltage very well.

Don’t think you can mix the memory types but I’m not sure.


As I told you on another forum, try He has both pc800 and pc1066. Prices are about half those of Kingston etc. I have ecc and non-ecc installed and running with no problem. I do not know if you can mix pc800 and pc1066 but would bet they all run at the slower pc800 speed if you can. Found people at onetouch2400 very knowledgeable re RDRAM memory. Shipped same day of order.


There should still be some AGP mobo’s around if you look for them. Mobo $50 / Proc $200 - RAM $150 or something in that order. You can upgrade mobo & graphics again later. Best if you could go for DDR2 then (although AGP + DDR2 may be hard to find - ASRock maybe?).


Asrock it is. :slight_smile:
But this VIA PT880 Ultra board must be a nightmare to setup…