Need Help Upgrading Liteon 812S Firmware

I have an emachine computer that displays a Liteon 812S drive in windows and DVDInfoPro. The Liteon has the UTS2 firmware and when I tried to update it to the stock USOQ firmware downloaded from Liteon site I received an error. I would like to be able to have bitsetting capability so I can set the booktype to DVD-ROM so the backups will play in all my DVD players and the Liteon Bitsetting Utility does not work.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

you can go to this link and download the firmware

This will turn your 812 to 832s drive

Yes that’s true a person can turn the 812S to an 832S drive, but perhaps it’s best to take little steps at a time. It is possible that this emachine comes with a rebadged Liteon 812S drive becasue I am not familiar with the UTS2 firmware.

Can somebody out there please advise if any damage can be done to the drive if in fact it is a rebadged Liteon with UST2 firmware, since I’ve never heard of it, perhaps COdeKing can offer his opinion. Since the USOQ firmware from Liteon wouldn’t work, I’m wondering if it’s safe to attempt an install of the USOQ stock firmware using the Omnipatcher.

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If you use OmniPatcher to flash ‘patched’ firmware from the Codeguys site, it will be safe to flash either to an 812 or an 832. The official firmware will not flash to a rebadged drive ‘as-is’. To be safe I would recommend backing up your current firmware and EEPROM.

If you are happy with your burn results with your current firmware and all you are looking for is to add bitsetting capability, There is a bitset section in the FAQs

Many thanks for your reply and information. I have PM’d pbbryant several times to resolve this and did send a OmniPatcher file with the USOQ firmware set for bitsetting.
We did not want to install until a confirmatiion was received it wa safe to do this because it is a rebadged drive indicated by the UTS2 firmware. I read the bitsetting section and only thing I found was the Liteon bitsetting utility that was already attempted and failed. Contacted Liteon and received useless answer.

pbryt was informed by the Emachine manufacturer her drive was an NEC, although XP and DVDInfoPro identify it as a Liteon 812S. In FAQ’s under rebadged drives there is not even a listing for NEC’s.
I don’t know how to backup the firmware or the EEPROM and I believe pbryt would be uncomfortable attempting that. The drive works fine other then being incapable of creating DVD’s burned at DVD-Rom so they are compatible with stand alone units that are not accepting previous burns.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Yes, what you said in your last post is exactly right. Attempts with the bitsetting utility have not helped. I also do know know how to back up the firmware or EEPROM (I have done some reading on this but am still not sure what the EEPROM is). I am going to hold off to see if we get some more info before I try anything.

Thanks to all for the help :slight_smile:

Holding off is a wise idea, this is becoming a little more complicated then I expected.
We don’t want to do something that can potentially damage your drive. If this were not a rebadged drive I would have no concerns, however, since this is not the case it’s quite possible the specifications on the rebadged may differ then that of retail or OEM drives.

FYI I have PM’d COdeKing (moderator) asking his opinion, hopefully I will receive a response and I’ll keep you informed.

Thanks for all of your help. Hope to hear from you on this.

All the infos you need are in the F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives. The EEProm backup infos are in V.11. To backup the firmware, follow the Ltnfw link in IV.2.

Sounds like you’ve been getting good advise from some of our best members. I’d follow their advise ;). If your not sure about what they are telling you then then just say so. I’m sure they will be more than happy to add to what they have said already. :slight_smile:

To reiterate:
1/ backup your firmware by using the firmware tool here. This will create a 1MB file, which can ultimately be flashed back to the drive using the same tool.
2/ backup you eeprom by using the EEPROM Utility v2 [thread=112103]here[/thread]. It’s a 1024 byte non volatile memory chip located in the drive and the backup will be a file of the same size.
3/ I don’t know of any 812S drives that cannot run 832S firmware. About the only thing is that some are not as good at dual layer burning as others but that probably applies to 832S drives as well. So use the 832S VS0G patched for crossflashing firmware on my firmware page under this heading “LiteOn SOHW-832S”. It’s returning pretty good results and will definitely allow you to do bitsetting.

Just attempt one step at a time. It’s all valuable stuff to learn and once you’ve master step 3 you will probably find yourself experimenting with other firmware’s as well…

My sincerest thanks to all that replied and offered some sound advice and links.
I have used these tools myself today and backed up my EEprom and firmware.
I then flashed the drive with the two backups and burned a DVD with my Liteon 812S.
The burn went perfectly, I now know how to do with the advice I’ve received.

Pbrynt’s main concern is if a rebadged unit will behave the same as a retail or OEM Liteon 812S. Are the specifications the same and no damage can be done from going from the UTS2 firmware to the USOQ, that is the only question that needs to be answered now. The backing up of the original EEprom and firware will pose no problem.

Edited: Just learned from COdeKing that to the best of his knowledge the rebadged Liteons 812S with the UTS2 firmware can be updated to the USOQ.

I am very new at this, but feel comfortable attempting this upgrade because of all the help and information I have received from this forum and CD Freaks.
This is the greatest site ever.

I will let you know how it comes out.

Thanks to everyone! :slight_smile:

The firmware on my Lite-on 812s has been updated. The newly burned disc with a booktype of DVD-Rom is now playing in my Toshiba player. Last week I didn’t even know what booktype was. This has been great. The contributors to this forum are the real experts and helped me where the product manufacturers could not.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my thread.

A special thanks to Itzbinnice for going the extra mile

Hi, does anyone know where I can get a firmware upgrade from?
Toant103 mentioned a link to go to. Is this for all types of computers please?
Thanks heaps.

tanya123 Is this for all types of computers please?.

Can you elaborate on the above. If you mean PC or Mac, I’m not sure, but if you mean OEM versions of the 812S, then YES

get the new firmware here:

Hi, I just crossflashed my 812S drive to a 832S firmware, I was just wondering if there’s any way to burn at lower speeds (1X, 2X) with this newer firmware, as I can’t select these speeds on Nero v7 anymore… Also is it alright if I crossflashed my drive w/ the EEPROM utility (to 832S) and then used an already patched-crossflashed firmware??