Need help trying to copy vhs to dvd

I got my vcr hooked up to my tv tuner (winfast TV2000XP)through the s video cord and the audio out from the vcr to the audio in on the tv tuner.

I am using the Nero NeroVisonExpress. I can choose the video capture in this program and see the tv programs displaying. Problem is I don’t know how to switch it to see the vhs tape running so I can record it.

First time for me trying to do this and I’m stuck. Any help appreciated. Thanks

I use NeroVision Express also. You might try this:
On the “Video Capture Screen”, click on “Video Device Properties” (to the right of “Video Compressor”) and make sure that under “Input” the setting is " Video Composite", not “Video Tuner”.

I finally saw that. I have since made a couple of DVDs. I’m wokring on getting proficient at understanding all of the program’s capabilities.

Question. There are different resolutions to choose from and different color choices that I don’t really understand. Like RGB, YUB in the color box. Then the resolutions. Is 720x480 the res I want to choose?