Need help: Trying to copy Scary Movie 1 on DVDFab 5

Every time DVDFab 5 scans the DVD to take out the protections it errors and it wants me to send info to support. Even if I restart my computer and try again, same thing. I remember with DVDFab 4 it wouldn’t copy but it would scan it fine.

Can anyone help me find the solution? I am using DVDFab Platinum and trying to copy Scary Movie (the first one)

Did you try with PP on and with it off ? FAB should copy this movie with no problem. I copied this movie with no problem but I forgot now if I used PP or not

Or maybe it’s a bad press

Check and make sure the disc surface is clean and scratch free.

Never underestimate the possibility of a bad press.

This movie should be a breeze for DvdFab Platinum.

That’s what I thought also, should be a breeze since it’s old. PathPlayer was enabled, but now I’m trying it without it and it did scan. There are some minimal scratches and I did clean it. I just think it’s something with the new DVDFab 5 if anyone has tried it.

I honestly don’t think it’s a problem with DvdFab 5.

Scratches, even minimal ones can cause difficulties in ripping. Ripping is a different process than just reading the information. Something as subtle as a thumbprint can cause a hiccup in the ripping process.