Need help transfering from Hi-8 Tape to DVD

I have some videos on Hi-8 tape that I want to backup to DVD. What software should I use? I have a PVR-350 if that helps.

I don’t know what Hi-8 tapes are but analog transfer for VHS, Betacam etc. si all the same. You need to use your A/V out or RF out on your player and into your computer A/V in or RF in. The quality will depend on the video capture card you’re using.

The easy way is to buy a DVR and just record them - but for long term high quality backup I reccomend a BIG HDD and recording in at the correct res NTSC/PAL etc. at uncompressed AVI. You may want to buy a HDTV card and capture in at 1080i since in a few years we’ll all be using these anyway.