Need help- Too many bad media messages

Hi All,

I have the current version of AnyDvd & Clone DVD. I have made no changes in anything, but I have been making backups and it seems that almost every other blank disc is being rejected by Clone as “Bad Media”.

I have used the same media for 3 years- (Verbatim) I buy the blanks in 50 packs & the only thing I can think of is perhaps I have a semi bad batch of media. At times I also get an error when the disc is flushing the borders, etc. I then also have to put another blank into the burner to finish the backup.

All feedback would be appreciated. Thanks all.

I just had the same problem recently, I tried to backup Le Samourai and got 2 “bad media” error one after another at the same place using tyg02 at about 14%… that’s really pissing me off because I don’t know what’s causing the problem!

nobody else is having problems burning with clonedvd? I’m sure it’s the program now because I’ve taken the video files, created an image and burned it with imgburn with no problem… I’m thinking of switching to another program now, too bad because I used to have good results

@ Harry Tuttle and/or walker1,

No problems using AnyDVD v6.1.7.4/CloneDVD v2.9.1.2 burning Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Media or Verbatim MKM001 Media with Pioneer DVR-112D v1.22 DVD Burner. Works like a charm.


ok well the crash happened on my pioneer dvr-109 v1.58 using tyg02 and anydvd
I was burning the movie Le Samurai, it was a mounted dual-layer image
is there any way to know if the tyg02 are value line? I know my friend ordered them from so they should be genuine

@ Harry Tuttle,

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and obtain the newest most current up to date version of AnyDVD (v6.1.7.4).


Hi, I opened a new batch of Verbatim -R’s today. Three out of three copied a backup without the media error. HOWEVER, I seem to have a FREEZING problem playing various backed up films with my Sony DVD player mod. # DVP-NS725P and an occasional short freezing problem with my Sony mod. # DVP-NS725P. Today I backed up “Lonely Hearts”, 2006.

The NS90V continually froze on playback & the NS725P only froze at the beginning of the film a couple of times. I fail to understand what is causing all this freezing as I have the most current ver. of AnyDvd & Clone.

I proceeded to remove Clone from my PC, did a restart, and re-installed Clone. Can anyone :rolleyes: shed some light as to why I’m having problems with freezing, particularly with the Sony player # NS90V?? I am all out of ideas. Thanks all.

Thanks, Will do.

Actually it’s [B][/B]

I deleted AnyDvd from my PC, then d-loaded the latest ver., installed it, and will let you know how the next backup comes out when I do it.