Need help to upgrade my burner's firmware



Hi :slight_smile:

My Sony dual layer DRU700a (yes, only found out recently its a rebadged Liteon. What a scam.) has been slowing down dramaticly when burning DVDs. From reading the threads in forum, I found out that by updating the firmware should help.

I’ve downloaded the file from Sony and they mentioned that the DMA should be disabled. Whatever that means.
My trouble is I’ve got no clue as to how to do it. I don’t want to stuff it all up by guessing so if someone could guide me thru the process, I would greatly appreciate it. I can open the device manager in windows and that’s about it.

Thanking you in advance. :bow:



Sony instructions: “When using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, log on to Windows as the computer administrator or as a user with administrator access privileges.
Before executing firmware update, uninstall any packet writing software, such as [DLA], [DirectCD], [B’s CLiP] etc, from the PC.
If you are using the DRU-710A, disable [DMA setting] in Windows before executing firmware update.”

As per instruction, this is what I have in settings without changing anything.
Device 0:
Transfer Mode: PIO Only
Current Transfer Mode: PIO Mode

Device 1:
Transfer Mode: DMA if available
Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode 2

My question now is which one should I change to disable DMA before applying firmware from Sony? Device 0 or Device 1? Or should I let that stay as it is.

Please help as I REALLY do not understand all this and want to fix it properly.

Again thanking you in advance.

PS. What does enabling DMA do?? Does it help the burner’s performance??


Its ok. Sorted it all out. Just me being a dill.
Thanks. :slight_smile: