Need help to put more than 1 file on discs



hiya im converting my video tapes to dvd using dazzle dvd player,now to save discs i want to put more than 1 file onto a disc,im saving the video footage onto my hdd and they show up as a video ts folder,on the dazzle to dvd i have selected all the editing options i want,ie,title,text style,fonts etc,i mainly need new born baby templetes,i had tried to put 2 video files using converxtodvd but it used its own templetes rather than using the saved details on the file,i selected no menu thinking if i done that my templete will show up,anyway what can i use to get some good templetes and i can burn 2 video files onto 1 disc,ive d/loaded alot but im getting an unregistered d/load and dont want to pay for it as i know some1 can sugges a good free app,thanks