Need help to make starforce 3 maxi image

Hi.I need to make maxi image of Prince of Persia T2T.I bought the DVD version and successfully made a backup copy of the DVD and now i play using this copy.Because of the fact that the chipset of my Motherboard is nforce 4 i need just to disable my IDE controller through device manager to play from my backup.Now on the topic i tried the method for making maxi image for securom 7 using blindwrite tweaker but the image didn’t work.As POP T2T is starforce 3.6 game there is some sectors placed all around the DVD which are checked every time the game is started and they must stay in their original way in the maxi image.My question is how can i understand which sectors are needed so i can make orking maxi image.I think that the only way is to capture the requests of blocks sent from the starforce driver to the optical drive but how exactly can this be done?

As Starforce ISO check differs at every(?) startup, this is a hopeless quest :frowning: