Need help to load Windows Media Player


Following problems with XP I attempted System restore. When this didn’t cure the problem I undid the restoration. However, when this was done I found that Windows Media Player had not been brought back.

In my program file I have a Windows Media exe file, but this does not open

I’ve downloaded Version 9 from the net, but when attempting to instal from the zipfile I get the message ‘Extracting file failed. It is most likely caused by low memory (low disk space for swapping file) or corrupted Cabinet file’

Is there a way to cure this without re-installing XP from scratch, and losing a great deal of work/downloaded programs.

(I am unable to retry another system restore - XP has given no valid options)

Many thanks in anticipation of a cure!

Since you downloaded a zip file, it most likely is just a corrupt file. I would just go to windows update and let it download and install from there.

Are you perhaps experiencing any problems with other compressed files as well? If so, it may point on a defective extractor, shortage of memory etc etc…?

Thanks for your help - I’ll try a re-upload and post what happens (the original upload was via a non Microsoft upload site, although I had used it before OK)

re Defective extractor - is this a Winzip extractor? Might it help me to re-instal Winzip?

I’ve had a few problems with the system, but have plenty of memory. Is it normal for system restore to drop files on application!

Thanks again

ctrl alt del - check swap file memory or available system resources. either way, it seems like a clean install is in order.

Thanks to everyone - I’ve re-installed and it seems to work great

A problem may have been a language conflict - I used Download accelerator before and let it choose best sites. When I did that earlier I got error information in Czech! I reran on DAP (with a 56K modem no other reasonable alternative - suggestions?) fixed on Microsoft download and all seems good.

Now I’ll be in business as soon as I can get the CD-RW to recognise a blank CD-R as a blank CD-R and not as a blank CD-RW, and as soon as I can get the (Generic) CD-RW and the (Toshiba) DVD-ROM to recognise the Rolling Stones - London Years (sad aren’t I) Super Audio Dual Layered CD (SACD), which plays on every other PC I’ve ever seen.

Thanks once again for all your help