Need help to get my Yamaha burner working

Hello Everyone,

I’m having a problem with my Yamaha CRW-F1E Ultra-Speed CD-RW burner. My computer is a HP pavilion 9870 running Windows ME. I am pretty much computer illiterate, excuse my ignorance.

My Yamaha drive is not working at all except for when I place a CD into the drive the led does flash dark blue then turns to a steady light purple color but when I click on the drive to open the program it asks me to put a cd into the drive?

I opened the Device Manager it shows me the following:
Under “Settings” it shows, YAMAHA CRW-FIE then Target ID = 0, Firmware revision = 1.0c, Logical unit number = 0. Under Options, Disconnect is checked, Auto insert notification is checked and DMA is checked. Current Drive Letter Assignment = D:, Start Drive Letter = D:, End Drive Letter = D:.

Under “General” Device type shows CDROM, Manufacturer shows, (Standard CD-ROM device), Hardware version shows, Not available. Then in the Device type states, This device is working properly.

Under Driver it shows, Driver Provider = CDROM, Driver Date = 06/08/2000, Digital Signer = Microsoft Consumer Windows Publisher then goes on to say that no driver files are required or have been loaded for this device. To update the driver files for this device click Update Driver.

When I bought the Yamaha burner the store installed the burner for me and now I can’t find the drivers, it was so long ago now that I’m not sure if the store even gave me back all the disc’s. I only have one disc that is from Yamaha which includes nero, InCD and nero toolkit. I’d ask the store but that was a few years ago.

I did a search for a driver and couldn’t find any but I did find firmware. What is firmware? I see I already have firmware 1.0c according to Device Manager. I could only find a download for 1.0g firmware and it says that it has added support for the following, “Ultra Speed CD-RW discs for 24x writing and Infodisc (24x), Ritek (24x)”.

On the box that my burner came in, it says my cd burner is suppose to, write 44, Rewrite 24 and Read 44 and also says it’s a Ultra Speed CD-RW so maybe this is a better firmware for my burner or do I need an upgrade?

I’m pretty sure I need a driver to get my burner to work, could anyone help me with this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


No special drivers are required for reading from discs in optical drives.
You will need a burning program to BURN with optical drives.

Stick your Nero CD in and install the nero suite, EXCEPT incd (packet writing is a curse).

When you want to burn something, start nero from your start bar->programs->Nero->Nero.

To backup files, you just select ISO cd & then next.
Either use the nero browser & drag & Drop files from the browser, or find your files in windows explorer & “drag & drop” into the nero CD window.

Insert your blank disc, then press the burn symbol at the top (disk in flames).
It will detect the disc & show you the speeds available (24x is a good all-rounder speed).

That should get you started :wink:

Firmware->It’s the instructions that tell you burner how to work. Best not to play with it, if you don’t know what you are doing. It doesn’t usually need updating, unless you are having problems with it detecting discs (and then it’s usually the disc being cheap crap anyway)