Need help to decide which DVD writer to get

I have a Silverstone LC-10 case and there is only one 5.25" bay for one drive. I currently have a Pioneer DVR-A06 and it’s getting old. I need something faster. I’m trying to locate a DVD-writer that have good writing quality with TY DVD-R/+R and at the same time have the ability to copy protected/unprotected audio discs bit for bit perfect. Is there such drive that exist? No one is quite sure if the NEC 3520A can copy audio discs bit for bit perfect since reviews said the DAE performance isn’t very good. So I guess I gotta eliminate that. No one has really answered my question in my Plextor thread, so I guess the question is all up in the air now. Thanks.

Did you do a search? :confused:
Maybe thats why no one answered your question cause it been answered many times. Just a guess. :bigsmile:

The BenQ DW-1620 has excellent CD and DVD writing capabilities. The recording with -R media is getting better but +R media is amazing, it’s the best burner for the +R format. In addition this drive has some of the best cd ripping capabilities as far as error correction goes. It’s a bit on the slower side for reading DVD’s and discs in general, but it is by no means sluggish.

The Plextor 716A seems to be the fastest reader but the writing quality is not up to the level of the BenQ. Also, if you plan on copying games the BenQ isn’t the greatest for that, but it can read all protected audio discs.

I’d say you have two options realistically. BenQ DW1620A or NEC ND3500AG for the cheapest prices. Next on that list could be the Pioneer DVR-109 as that seems to be a decent drive but I have to post on the two I know and how they work. The NEC 3520A seems to be coming along nicely as well so you may want to read up on it in the NEC forum to see if that would be a possibility for you.