Need help to choose which burner to keep

I have only 3 spaces for DVD burners due to limitation of connections.

Samsung 203S SATA

Benq 1640 IDE mainly for disk quality scan, the burning part of this drive is starting to fail

I only have 1 IDE spot left for either

The Pioneer 112D or a LG GH22NP20, which one to keep togather with the Samsung 203S?

I mainly use following disk for burning

Memorex 8X DL
Verbatim 2.4X DL
Verbatim 16X DVD+R and -R
True Blue by Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R
Fuji and TDK 16x DVD+R
Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R

For the Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R, Samsung don’t have a writing strategy for it but the Pioneer has and ok with it, didn’t test the LG with them yet.

Please help.

Test the LG and the Pioneer and then decide which is the best for your needs.

All three can burn single layer quite well, let me put it this way, which one can burn DL and the Vertimbin 16X DVD-R better? Thanks.

Usually pioneer are great dual (and single) layer burners.

The LG doesn’t burn Vertimbin 16X DVD-R well actually scan quality is 0, but the LG loves DVD+R it can burn those Kodak 16x+R like Samsung did…I just switched the LG out for the Pioneer and it can burn the Vertimbin 16X DVD-R quite well, too bad it can’t bitset DL+R to DVD-ROM, here is a scan, Vertimbin 16x DVD-R burnt by Pioneer 112D scan by Benq 1640

Great burn.

And the Pioneer can bitset +R to Rom :wink:
Just patch your firmware with MCSE (-> search)