Need help switching dvd burners

I have two computers with dvd burners. I want to switch the dvd burners. Can anybody provide a step-by-step instruction to switching the dvd drives? If not is there a video that tells you how to switch dvd burners between two computers. Please help.

Google can be your friend. I Googled, “Installing DVD drive” & this was at the very top.

But, this is the Newbie Forum, so we’ll let it slide this time.

Just messin’ with ya a little bit!!!

Sorry. Thanks for the info.

Switch PC OFF Open Side,undo Screws on Burners, Undo Cables n Power n Pull out. Put back in, Attach cable n power, put screws back n Switch On…So Easy Mun…

pretty much what they said.

take a good mental picture (or real one if you prefer!) of the way it’s connected into one computer then just disconnect it and reconnect the same way in the other computer. shouldn’t be a problem at all. once you start up it should recognize the drives on its own (definitely with XP, not sure about other OSs)

It wouldn’t hurt to check your jumpers too incase one was a slave and the other was a master. Both drives should have pins in the back with a jumper on them. There should be markings or abreviations for slave, master, and cable select. If the two drives had the same jumper setting, leave them (same with cable secect). If one was master and one was slave, change the jumpers to the reverse.