Need help stting up dual boot, dual win XPs, paritions not listed in installion dialog

Ok this may be the wrong board but i couldnt find one better then, the hard drive section since its a hard drive/partition issue…

Here goes, Im trying to install Win XP pro along with my, existing Win XP pro.
Heres my Partition config.
C: 25 gb–primary (obviously existing OS)
D: 180 gb–logical
E: 25gb–logical

Im feel like this config may be wrong.
But heres what happens. I boot my Win Xp install Disc, loads OS
Get to the partition selection part and in the list it only lists
C: and D: and E: is listed as unallocated? and when i try to format from the disc, either nothing happens or it runs and it doesnt actually format it? and if i try to install it on E: it crashes and i have to reboot manually…

This is a pain, what ever im doing wrong tell im sick of ***ing sht up and starting over with no resolve…

ok, so i got it to work, but now i have the partitions like this,
C: existing os
D:new os install
E: (which is an extended partition of D: )

since E: is the extended partition does that mean if i need to reinstall or re format D: E: will be wiped also?

Delete the “D” and “E” logical partitions.

Repartition them as primary partitions.

Out of curiousity, why do you want 2 copies of WinXP on the same machine?