Need Help: Sofware to split dual audio in mpg

HI guys ,

Currently i have a mpg movie that been encode dual language inside.
Been searching for a software that can split the dual audio from a mpg files… As i just need one of the language audio and then merge back to my mpg files.
Anyone have done this before ? i have googling since thursday but still can’t find any solutions… May u guys all expert could lend me experiences !

Thanks in advance !!!

frozen …

TMPGEnc, VCDGear …

Thanks for reply Guru chef

As wat u recommend (TMPGEnc) , can u show me the way to do as i’m still new with that software … BY Using It i just know how to cutting mpg files and extract the mpg into video and audio respectively… But somehow i dun know how to extract the dual language/audio mpg.

The mpg files = video + audio A + audio B

Mpg i want = video + audio A “only”

How can i do it by using TMPGEnc ? Anyone ??? pls help !!

Really appreciate ur help!!!

Just extract those both streams you want within the mpeg tools.
Then mux them together, also available under mpeg tools.
Just use Multiplex & De-multiplex. :wink:

Bro chef ,
Thanks for ur reply again ,

I have try wat u say, but it doesn’t work…
It only splitting out a " M1V" files and a “mp2” only … it doesn’t split out TWO “mp2” files… And this “mp2” consists of "Dual " language inside which i can only use my left speaker for a language listening and the right speaker for another language listening…
I’m almost get tired bout this … Pls if u guys know how to do it , show me the way…i’m lost !



Ah, I thought it was coming with 2 audio - streams.

You probably could use VirtualDub and BeSweet to remove the unwanted audio from the audiofile and then use tmpgenc to mux it or transcode (in the main page) again.

Or try Goldwave,CoolEdit , Wavelab etc to delete one of the channels & then replicate the remaining channel to the empty one. Could work although I’ve never tried it.

Once decpmressed, it should be easy to remove the unwanted audiopart and then encode / mux the remaining one with the video /m1v/mpeg1 file.