Need help setting up nero net

Guys i am having problems setting up neronet anyone willing to help please?

So what i have managed to achieve till now is this;

HAve two computers runnning windows xp pro and connected via a network
On both computers have latest version of nero bunring rom installed and nero net.

I am not being able ot set up the server. When i select start i get an error - some overllapping application or something. and when i select configure all i get is to select the directories where to save some files and that’s all

Can anyone help me please

Thanks a lot

on server side first uninstall any OME version of nero if any (or other), then install it
for better idea type NERO NET on google it shows one links NERO6 {step by step } download all steps what u want any other problem mail me at email address removed
thanks . then serch burning via network

Hi anupam 4881 and welcome to CDF. I submitted a request to the moderators to remove your e-mail address from the posting. Users can contact you within CDF. Otherwise, you are opening yourself to spam. Also, you responded to a post that is almost 4 years old.