Need help sending programs

i need some help on sending prorams through email, as in games , files that hold a large amount of space, thx for ur help;)

What do you want to do? I think it will be almost impossble to transfer e-mail files of a few hundred MB’s since most service providers will have an e-mail account storage of max 20 MB’s. You’d be better of transferring the files via FTP or maybe ICQ. Not by e-mail :confused:

Not only the storage space is limited, but most providers won’t even allow mails over 10 MB to be sent.

So if you want to accomplish this I would suggest using winRAR, setting the filesize you want to compress to about 9,000,000 bytes so that w game will be cut into pieces of each around 9 MB.

Perhaps you can then send it to someone by using mail. But I’d rather suggest file send through ICQ or perhaps DCC within your favourite IRC client.

Another service I heard of in the past is Whalemail. This allows large files to be sent. See if you get any luck

try whalemail, one of the file sharing web sites.
try this one, I dont know how good it is now, I used to use it frequently over a period of time

It has links to other sites that do file sharing. Basically the way it works is you create a account, with a username and password,
and after its created - you upload to it. Then send your friend the account information. Easy, and quick, ftp usually flies too.