Need help ... .rl.avi file won't play

I have this rl.avi file and nothing I have will play it. :disagree: I’m guessing the file must be converted … but how? :confused:

I tried using VSO divx to dvd, but it didn’t recongize the file. :frowning:

Anyone familar with this type of file? Can you help? :bow: :flower:

Thank you for your time. :iagree:

Your software/hardware will not play an .avi file? They’re usually MPEG4.

Download GSpot. Drag your file onto the app and see what its makeup is…

Thanks for responding … :slight_smile: :bow: :flower: :clap:

I downloaded the file as you suggested … I didn’t know what to open it with :disagree: … I saw that I downloaded an older version a year ago :doh: … the one I could use the set up wizard …
it told me the file type is not a valid .avi file … file type unknown … what does that mean … the file is no good and can not be played? :confused: :sad:

If GSpot won’t either play it or suggest a solution, then it probably means that the file isn’t playable at all with what you have installed on your PC. You could try download Videolan VLC and see whether that will improve things, since it carries its own codecs.

Otherwise this is one of the problems with downloading other people’s encodings. You never know what codec has been used or what they’ve inadvertently done to them.

The old version of Gspot wouldn’t play it … do you think the newer version might? What do you have to use to open the app.? Any idea? Thanks again for responding.:slight_smile:

I’ll google this Videolan and see if I can find it.