Need help : Ripping DVDs to harddisk complete with full features

Hi guys,

I am not very proficient in computers and am very new to the DVD ripping / encoding business.

Anyone can give me some advice on how to rip DVDs to my harddisk complete with full features such as menu selections and play controls so that I can play them exactly as I could on a DVD ROM ?

I have tried to use DVD rippers such as Smartripper but the ripped files seemed to be missing major features such as the menus.

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Maybe DVD Decrypter will help.

Hi Stoner,

Thanks for the advice !

I managed to try out the program last weekend - it played fine with PowerDVD after I ripped it but the movie menus seem to be missing as it skipped direct to playing the main movie and also I can’t seem to skip to next or previous chapters.

Noted also that the file that is ripped is about 4GB although the DVD is about 7.5GB in size and that the file ripped is the Video_ts folder and the files in the Audio_ts folder seem to be missing.

Does that account for anything - maybe my settings are wrong ?

In smartripper make sure you select all the files on the files tab. Normally it will just rip the movie files, and that doesn’t include the menu’s. Select all files, and you can just select play from folder in your players. Basically your making a one on one copy of the disc.
In your player select your video_ts folder, and your everything should work like the original.

Had A look here?

Hey Futureproof,

Thanks for the pointer ! I think those guides should come in useful.

Hey Mirx / All,

I tried using the Smartripper over the weekend but i think that program just burnt out my Liteon-163 DVDROM.

When I extracted and ran the smartripper, it displayed a status check window when it was checking the DVD. The first few files registered as “readable” but subsequent files showed up as being "locked’.

At first, i thought that my ROM drive might have been region locked that caused this problem so i ran DVD Genie to check. After that, when i tried to run the DVD again (by ejecting and reloading the drive), the drive could not detect the disc at all - not only DVDs but CDs as well. Each time, it would try to read the discs but after a while, the tray would eject automatically.

Do you know what could have caused this problem ? Any way to rectify this ?