Need Help Ripping DVDs correctly

Could someone help a ripping newbie???

I have a bunch of homemade music DVDs that are chapter and menu less. I’d like to rip them to my hard drive into just one MPEG2 (VOB, or something else) file using smartripper so I could edit them with mpeg2vcr (womble), demultiplex and add menus with spruce-up. I don’t think Tmpeg will help me here at all???

If anyone has a process to rip using smartripper to create iust one large video file could you please pass it on. Pasteing each VOB file together is very time consuming and it creates small skips in the music at each paste point, very troublesome

Thanks for the help in advance :bow:
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If you use DVD Decrypter, go into the settings. On the IFO Mode tab, there is a drop box that allows you to set the file size to none, which will create one big file. There maybe a simillar setting in Smartripper, but its been a while since I used it. Also you can VobEdit to merge vob files. The default output is the 1GB file size though. Hope this helps.