[Need Help] Ripping DVD under FAT32 file system



How can I ripping Dual-Layer PS2 disc (second-layer only) under FAT32 file system? Or is it posible?


Don’t see a problem.


I take it your problem is you are making an ISO with DVDDecrypter and then browsing the ISO with something like ISOBuster or Apache to extract the second layer? If so I am pretty sure that it can’t be done in FAT32 as your maximum file size is 4GB.

If you are using DVDDecrypter in ISO read mode, you can get it to split the ISO into 4GB files (or smaller if you want) How ISOBuster or Apache will read them to extract the second layer I am not sure.

  1. You can’t rip a dual-layer PS2 disc at all, nevermind under FAT32. The second layer is written backwards. Windows programs and drives don’t, as a general rule, do PTP (parallel track path) ripping. So you’re probably SOL there.

  2. You can’t make a 4.5GB file under FAT32 if that’s what you’re asking, but many/most rippers will split the file into 4-5 smaller ones.


Not true - you can read it, you just can’t write it. For example GT4 for the PS2 - you could use DVDDecrypter in ISO read mode, and it will read both layers. You can then use Apache 2 to extract what ever layer you need. You have to do this to get GT4 down to DVD5 size so you don’t have to use DL discs.

Oh and you have to apply a patch to remove the check on how the layer was burnt.


Hrm yes my bad. Read = Yes. Write = Not without the patch, as you mentioned.


I always take my hat off to anyone who is willing tho admit when they are wrong!!!

Kudos Gurm!!!


Gurm wasn’t wrong - he just had a keyboard malfuntion!! He obviously typed you can read a duel layer PS2 disc, but his keyboard got it wrong!! :smiley:


Well if you SAY you can rip it, I am forced to admit that I haven’t personally TRIED to yet. :wink:

However, I recall not that long ago that there was a LOT of disagreement on the PS2 forums about Gran Turismo 4, and the fact that the second layer was written the other way, and there ARE a lot of drives out there that… again, correct me if I’m way off base here - just DON’T read the second layer that way.



Any DVD drive should be able to read a duel layer disc, regardless if it has been mastered OTP or PTP - I think part of the problem with GT4 (regardless of the layer 1 check) was that laser in PS2 is so crap that people couldn’t even get the original disc to work never mind a +DL.

All current ‘home’ DVD writers will only write OTP (layer 0 starts in the middle and goes to the edge - layer 1 starts where layer 0 finished and goes back towards the middle)


I don’t know that you can rip it.
I have no expertise here and cannot comment either way.

Just the fact that you were will to admit error earns you my respect, always.
It takes a special person to do that.
There are not many that would do this, as everybody knows everything and nobody is ever wrong.

Much Respect!!!


I have convert my harddisk to NTFS file system and successful to rip a dual layer game and extract second layer out. Another question, what is OTP or PTP?
I am ripping Sakura Taisen 5, I heard from someone said that rip out the second layer and burn in a D5 can read while the D9 version have reading error on second layer. Is it posible?


Sakura Taisen 5 is using OTP.
My backup can’t run on my PS2… T.T Any solution?
Nero, Alcohol, DVD Decrypter, Sonic RecordNow all can’t work.
My PS2 is moded with Blue-Chip, 39006-R


PTP = Parallel Track Path, which means that when the laser hits the end of the first layer, it jumps BACK to the inside of the disc and reads the second layer inside-out just like the first layer.

OTP = Opposite Track Path, which means that when the laser hits the end of the first layer, it doesn’t move, just shifts layers and reads the second layer outside-in.