Need help ripping DVD copyrighted audio to mp3

Hi, I’m new to this forum but figured you guys out there would know best! I want to rip about 5 songs from a DVD to mp3, but every freeware program I downloaded all said the same thing…they couldn’t do it because the songs I guess were copyrighted on the DVD. I am wondering if there are any legal programs to do this type of thing? I only want to rip about 5 songs and then don’t need the software again! These songs are from a movie that is almost 40 years old but the DVD just came out on it last year.

Any help would be appreciated! I have Windows XP.

Also, I am posting a new thread on a completely different subject but if you can help, it’s about software programs that can take DVDs (this one is homemade, not copyright protected) and editing them into small clips that are small enough or compressed enought to email or upload to Youtube, et.

Thanks for any help!

SUPER can do this, and it´s free…I´ve done it, but I also run AnyDVD in the background which deals with any copy-protection issues. You can get a trial here

The Link “Super” do not give any clue how to download the software which claim to be free.

it’s working ok for me and has the link in red to download Super. :slight_smile:

You can use DVDD in IFO mode to rip to AC3 then an audio editor/converter to to MP3,such as MediaCoder,Goldwave,Audacity,etc…
I have Super I’ll have to check that out and see on a ripped flick… :slight_smile:
Update, Super did work super (no pun intended)…So for free,DVDFab HD Decrypter> Super>MP3, worked great …yahooo :smiley:

DVD Fab Decrypter is free. Rip the main movie to the HDD first and then do your thing.