Need help ripping a "non retail" DVD

Ok Try this and see if it will work.

Click on [B]Start [/B]and then[B]run [/B] and type [B]cmd.exe[/B] and hit enter.
A new Window will open up and after C:\Documents and Settings
ame>type [B]?[/B] = the name of your DVD Drive
A new line Should appear with your drive letter? if not and it comes up with [B] The parameter is incorrect [/B] let us know there are other tools you can try.

If the new line appears with you drive letter then after [B]your drive:>[/B] type [B]DIR[/B]
Now you should have a list of files and directories on your DVD disc
At the bottom it will have how many file(s) and Dir(s) if there are files it will also give you the size of the file. If there is any more directories on the DVD type [B]CD (Directory Name) [/B]and press enter and on the new line type [B]DIR[/B] and press enter again.
If so far it worked find a file or exe with the size 499.1 MB and type[B] copy (file name) C:\ [/B]

“The volume does not contain a recognized file system.
Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.”

try a program called clone cd, maybe it is a super video cd not a dvd, nd use it in the raw mode set to ignore errors. i would also try finalizing the disk it might have been made in a multi session format.

As Linux has been mentioned and might yield something, you can download any number of CD-bootable Linux Operating Systems, they work quite well and do not alter your Hard Drive(s) in any way unless you specifically set them up to so there’s no real risk. You could try Knoppix, it’s probably the most popular and has a lot of programs pre-installed (or try Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux if you want to try trimmed down, basic versions). Maybe a longshot but trying a different OS wouldn’t hurt to try.

Maybe you need to boot into SAFE MODE (hit F8 at startup), then run CloneCD or DVDDecrypter or a similar tool and try to grab the whole disc into an image.

Sure sounds like a video cd to me as I have made a few myself, even one of a funeral using photos myself with music if so you can just use a cd copying program to copy it and it will also play in a dvd player. Hope you get it solved

The media itself should hold some hardly visible info if it is an CD or DVD.

You’re right on that Chef and what we need to know if it is a CD or DVD seems like everybody is giving help for a DVD and in fact it could be a CD

It’s a DVD if you read through the original post, specifically a DVD-R CMC AM3.


I put it in my xbox which I have an FTP connection to and transfered the .vob over to my computer. I played the .vob in PowerDVD and it worked. Im not sure where the error was coming from but its fine now. I just have to convert that single .vob file into the correct file for burning onto a DVD and that should be good. Anyways, Im half way there now that I can actually play it on my computer.

If anyone is interested, the file structure of the DVD is as follows. Maybe someone can spot where the error is.

in the VIDEO_TS folder…
VTS_01_0.BUP 22.0 KB
VTS_01_0.IFO 22.0 KB
VTS_01_0.VOB 10.0 KB
VTS_01_1.VOB 498.1 MB

Great to hear that you’ve got it, although I’m still baffled as to why you couldn’t copy it on a computer. It should have been something that could be copied regardless of whether or not the structure of the files were correct or not (and they were fine anyway). My guess is still that it was not finalized properly.

So do you recommend that I move all those files over and burn them, or should I do something with just the one .vob file?

There shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t just transfer all the files over, then burn them within a VIDEO_TS folder. You can then make as many copies as you like, and you could create an .ISO image of the copied disc as well to make things even simpler for subsequent copies.

Even if the data wasn’t proper DVD Video data and was just a bunch of assorted junk data, copying it should not present any more trouble. And the fact that you were able to play the disc on your standalone player is proof that the data was properly structured DVD Video data anyway. As I mentioned before, my best guess was that the disc wasn’t finalized properly.

Well, I transfered all the files over and burned them in Nero. I played the DVD on my computer and on my set top. All worked like it should. I then ripped the disc with IMGBurn and again, no problems.

Thanks again to all those who took time to try to help me figure this out. I really do appreciate the suggestions and time taken to try to resolve this.