Need help ripping a "non retail" DVD

My girlfriends grandpa died and the funeral home made an hour long DVD with pictures provided by the family. Her dad was provided only 1 DVD and he asked me to make copies for the rest of the family. The problem is, I cant seem to rip it with anything. Ive tried DVD Decrypter, IMGBurn, Nero, IsoBuster, Passi ONES, and Alcohol. Ive even tried just exploring the disc in windows and D Opus but I get an error message saying it cant recognize the disc.

Heres the log from Alcohol…
12:15:05 DVD Source Info: Session: 1, Track: 1, Length: 499.1 MB / 056:46:70
12:15:05 Disc read error at: 0
12:15:05 Disc dumping failed!
12:15:05 Error message: [05/21/00] - Logical Block Address Out Of Range
12:15:05 Writing image file: G:\BERT\alcohol\NEW.mdf
12:15:05 G:\BERT\alcohol\NEW.mds: Image file writing aborted!

If I set it to ignore errors, it doesnt copy anything.

The newest PowerDVD says its not a valid windows format.

I cant believe I can rip multimillion dollar studio retail DVDs but a little funeral home has better copy protection. There has to be something different about this disc.

Wasnt there something a while back that if you simply put a zero as the the first data bit, the disc couldnt be read on a computer. Forgive me if Im way off and totally wrong, but I was thinking of that last night. If this is true, is there any way around that?

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can try to do?

Thanks for the help.

edit:: heres some info from dvdinfopro…
Media Information
Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID CMC MAG. AM3
Format Capacity 0.49GB(0.52GB)
Book Type DVD-R
Media Type DVD-R

Info on burner used to create this disc


RipIt4Me says its not a DVD.

Wow guess grandpa didn’t mean much if the family is to cheap to pay for copy’s. Poor dude may be better off dead then living with such a uncaring family. :eek:

Suck a dick. They didnt offer anymore DVDs. They only included the one they made for the wake. Its not like they sell them to make another buck. Her dad had asked if he could have the one they played at the wake at the end.

What a prick some people can be.

Yeah, I’m sure if they asked for more the funeral home would have turned them down. Just sounds like people being cheap. Hey maybe when your girlfriends dad croaks, a fast dig and a cardboard box will fit the budget.

First of all I dealt with Sukhoi he’s got a little break so he can think before posting such nonsense again. I’m not tolerating such behavior here!

I would try isobuster to extract the data davisa.

Thank you kalas. Ive tried IsoBuster and it constantly gives me errors. I try to rerun as instructed, and the same thing.

What is wrong with some people? How does someone have the balls to make stupid, insensitive comments like that? My condolences to you Davisa.
If it was done from a video cam, it is probably an avi. file. Try Super, choose VOB DVD compliant or mpg VCD compliant, depending on what you want, it should work.

Sorry I missed you already tried isobuster. Could you post the Alcohol log part of the [I]Dumping/Recording Progress Log[/I] from beginning to end?
To be sure here the funeral home used the LG to create the disc or you used it for dumping an image? You already tried another drive?

p.s. I moved the thread and deleted the fowl language part.

You can use Nero Recode and rip the file with new encoding from Nero in to your hard drive then make as many as copy you want from it using Nero Burning ROM.

I just got back home and tried AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

AnyDVD says…
Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-r (version 5), Layers: 1
Total size: 255520 sectors (499 MBytes)

CloneDVD says…
K:/VIDEO_TS.IFO: unable to open file

I will try the other suggestions now.

Nero Recode says…
Nero Recode encountered an error and cannot countinue.
Failed to open the file k:.
The parameter is incorrect.

Clicking “Import DVD” again gives this error…
Disk is not formatted
Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

####################### Dumping/Recording Progress Log #######################
23:21:08 Processor info: Intel® Pentium® D CPU 2.80GHz x 2 (2793MHz)
23:21:08 Disc dumping: (K:) _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A (1:0)
23:21:08 Reading Mode: General Mode
23:21:08 DVD Source Info: Session: 1, Track: 1, Length: 499.1 MB / 056:46:70
23:21:08 Disc read error at: 0
23:21:08 Disc dumping failed!
23:21:08 Error message: [05/21/00] - Logical Block Address Out Of Range
23:21:08 Writing image file: C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Desktop\NEW.mdf
23:21:08 C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Desktop\NEW.mds: Image file writing aborted!

Does this disc even play properly on a standalone player (assuming it’s a DVD Video format disc)?

Yeah it plays perfect on my standalone just not the PC. Its about an hour long video of various pictures set to music.

Very weird. Maybe it’s not a finalized disc or not finalized properly, and yet your player is able to read it. Can you try copying the disc on another computer? Worst case scenario since it’s playable on your player, you could play it back on a DVD player, output the DVD Player to a Standalone DVD Recorder and record it. It would not be an ideal solution as you’d be losing any menu that may exist, and it would result in a slight lowering of quality since it wouldn’t be an actual digital 1:1 data copy, but less than an hour of content recorded with a standalone player at ‘XP’ would result in a near perfect reproduction.

Have you tried to play the disc in an standalone? Did it play? editanswered*
Maybe you could lower the ripspeed and try with another drive.

BTW, DOpus rocks.

OK, have you lowered the read rate in DVDDecrypter and set ignore read errors to YES?

I called the funeral home today and the woman who answered said they dont normally give out the DVDs but could possibly make more for the family at $40 a piece. They had made it from pictures provided by the family to make picture boards. Its just something extra they started doing. The picture boards were by the casket and the TV playing the video was right by the door when you walked in. They dont normally give them out. Her dad just happened to ask for it when we left and they took it out and gave it to him.

She didnt know what program was used to make the disc. I dont know if it could have been made on a Mac.

I shouldn’t be a problem even if it was made on a Mac! So far we know it’s playing on a standalone, so there is a way to transfer it onto your HD and make a back up of the DVD.
Just need to work out the correct tool to do it with and you are on your way making a back up of the DVD.
So far we know the file on the DVD is 499.1 MB!
When you first tried it on you PC did you let the DVD auto run in XP ? If so it might of installed a small program to give you the Disc read error at: 0
Have you tried it on another PC? With out letting it auto run ?
Have tried mounting and opening the DVD in Linux?

Did you try Super like I suggested? You just drag and drop the file and it converts. I does just about every format you can imagine and it’s free.

I dont have my drives set to autorun so that shouldnt be a problem. Ive tried everything on 2 different machines with no luck so far. Both machines are running XP and I dont have access to Linux.

Super doesnt work either. You need to be able to access the file in order to drag it in the window and access to the file is what Im having trouble with. I get the following message when I double click on the drive…
Disk is not formatted
Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

I really do appreciate all the help and attention everyone has been giving me. Thanks again!