Need help rippin DVD's

All software and firmware is up to date as of yesterday.

Operating system Windows XP Professional.
Decrypting with DVD Decrypter and/or Any DVD
Burning with Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced
Writing with Sony DRU-120C (DVD±RW/±R/RAM/CD) dual layer double layer.
Media - Memorex dual layer DVD-R 16x.

Problem # 1: I have burnt a movie onto a dual layer dvd in the dual layer format at the highest quality and slowest speed(2.4). The dvd cannot be read in a stand alone dvd player or it reads it for awhile then stops and tells me the disc is dirty. How can I resolve this?

Problem # 2: I am burning using the Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced/Backup/Copy Entire DVD/ format. This format alows me to select different files and delete only the sound track to keep the size down. Is there a way to delete that complete file/scene to gt the size down. Or is there another better way to burn my movie in Nero 7?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You in advance!

Don’t burn DL dvds with Nero because it doesn’t handle the layer break info correctly. Use Imgburn, this is the method i use. If you want to blank parts of your movie to get the size down before compressing you can use Vobblanker Also, if at all possible stay away from Memorex dvds. I’ve got decent burns on the DL at the slowest speed but try to use Verbatims if you can.

Hello Tim, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Some questions for you:

[li] You say the media is DVD-R at 16x, then later a DL disc at 2.4x. Which one are you having problems with?[/li][li]If the DVD-R@16x, did you finalise the disc before trying to play it?[/li][li] Are you using +R DL or -R DL? Which of these is your DVD player able to play?[/li][li] It could be poor media. What brand of DL disc are you using?[/li][/ol]

The media is memorex 1-16x. I wrote it in 2.4x the slowest speed my Sony would allow.

Sorry imkidd57 got hung up on the phone. Thanks for replying! I did finalize the disc. I’m not quite sure whether i wrote in +R DL or -R DL. The media is Memorex 1-16x. I wrote it in 2.4x the slowest speed my Sony would allow. The problem is reading a DL disc in my stand alone dvd player.

I’m sorry but this doesn’t make sense. There aren’t any 16x DL (double-layer) discs manufactured: these Memorex would be single layer +R or -R, surely?

imkidd57 is correct. Buy some Verbatim D/L disks, (make SURE you ask for D/L), and burn with Imgburn as sikoone suggests.

Yup, that would be SL (single layer) media.

Buy some Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R Dl media.