Need Help Repairing Benq DW1640, Cannot Read/Write Any Disc



Hello all, I would like to repair my Benq DW1640 drive and need some help diagnosing the problem. :doh:

The exact problem I am having with the drive is that when I load any type of media (CD or DVD) the disk will spin for a couple seconds then the drive would make a clicking noise (I think it is the Laser hitting the thing that spins the disk) and stop the disk. It will then do that 2 more times and after that it stops loading completely.

This happened after a power failure and I think something might have burned out inside. Just wondering if anyone would know what it could be and how I can repair it. Thanks to all in advance for the help. :wink:

btw, the drive is found fine in windows and nero infotool as they report no hardware problems, so hopefully i can fix this problem.


It sounds to me like the eye got fried. That would be the reason that it stops spinning the disc. When you insert at disc the eye powers on to see if there is anything there, and if it sees something then the drive beings to spin faster, however if the eye is unable to read anything on the disc then the motor slows down or stops spinning all together. That would be my first bet, the eye died.


Oh ok, thanks alot for the info, that sounds about right the way you described it. I’ll check it out then and see what I could do. Thanks again man