Need help removing windows update files

Hello, I have a question regarding what i think are files left behind after running windows update, a few weeks back i reinstalled xp pro on my laptop and after running windows update i now notice a pile of folders on my external hard drive with names like 37f32561d8edc5b953270597e34cbfd5, I really do not know why the folders are on my external drive, I’m assuming that they should have went to the C drive. My problem is that i cannot delete these files, 1 or 2 of them i was able to delete, there are about 10 folders remaining and its annoying to have to see them when i open my external drive, any help on removing them would be great…

Where where those files located on your HDD?? One should take caution deleting windows update files as some are those could still be inuse even though you might not notice it. You should only delete windows update files if your sure you know what it does and it’s purpose is. From what I know of Windows update is that it download and install on the C:\ system drive not external drive? What kinda of updates where those that was on you external HDD??? Also when windows updates completes it has files it makes into windows folders to use and deletes the updates. That how it should be and why it’s on your external drive that’s a odd thing??? What kinda latop do you have and when you reinstalled was this a Recovery cds install or custom install???

Thanks for answering,
IM using a Toshiba satellite p-10,over 4 years old and i have never had any trouble with it considering it be’s on for 18 hours a day most days, It was a custom install of XP Pro i did, the update files are on the root of my ext HDD.
I dont always use the ext HDD with my laptop, its always with my main pc but even when it is on my other pc i still cannot remove these folders, some of the folders contain another folder called update which cannot be opened (access denied message appears) and some of the folders contain .dll driver files. another odd thing apart from the files being on my ext HDD in the first place is I use diskeeper pro, a brilliant defragging program, i have it set to defragment the discs when the screensaver comes on but ever since these folders appeared every time it tries to defrag my ext HDD it says it cant do it because a CHKDSK is set to run on the drive, Im thinking something in these update folders is causing the pc to run a chkdsk on the drive, its only about 6 months old and shows up healthy using various HDD tools

Try Unlocker

It’s great for files like that and CrapCLeaner.

I use these to get rid of leftover Windows update files for the last 9 years and never had a problem with either. And they are both free.

been using ccleaner for years myself, i’l have a look into the settings and see if i can check a box to clean them