Need help recovering from f/w error I hope Liteon 1633S

I know just enough to get me in serious trouble and should have left well enough alone.

I had managed to crossflash my Lite-on 1633 months ago @1653S CSOR. Read the some of the thread on CSOT/BYX5 and thought I’d see if that improved things a bit. I used the codeguys BYX5-patched-cf-mcled under the 1653 and executed it. Seemed fine so went to read a disk and about 2/3 of the way through crunching noise and disk stopped. Panic - so went back and reflashed with the CSOT patched cf for 1653 and all was good except drive would not now recognized any DVD burned on the DW 1670, it’s own burns yes, but not the BenQ. So tried tried going back to the CSOR, no go. Now it won’t read any DVD, CDs yes, but no DVDs. Tried going back to stock by restoring the EEPROM and f/w to the original BSOS and still no go. I probably did something wrong in the flashing of firmware and didn’t make the back of the EEPROM as I should have before the above. But now at a loss as to what to do. I thought I read the instructions correct that if f/w stated patched-cf- I could just run the exe as is, but it seems not.

Guys it was almost a year ago that I did this the first time and can not remember what I did then.

Can someone please do a “flashing for dummies” and tell me how to get this fixed?

thank you

Nevermind - evidently just a reboot doesn’t work - at least not for my system. A full shutdown of the computer and coming back up 10 minutes later did the trick. Drive is now reading disks burned on both drives. I will attempt to at least get back to the CSOR which was working for me

If you only flashed the patched-cf files, you did nothing wrong. Nice you were able to revive your drive, but is it burning o.k. too? CS0R is good, but there is nothing wrong with CS0T either, I use it for several months now and all burns, dvd and cd, went well. I would stick to CS0T if it works correctly.

:clap: Leo

I did flash it to the CSOT with no problems afterwards - I just made sure this time instead of reboot I shutdown, counted to 10 and restarted. And it burned ok - in fact got one of my better burns for RitekR04

Then there is no reason to return to CS0R. I think CS0T is one of the best firmwares for the 1633/1653, and it supports most recent media. Many happy burns.

:bigsmile: Leo