Need help recovering drive, really fast. Please!

I tried to flash my Lite-On 8515S OEM back to original firmware with Lite-On Flash Utilities 2.0.1. And it screwed. Now laptop think a lot before starting up and then, I can’t see any drive in windows. I suppose it could be recovered in BOS, but I don’t have any Floppy and DVD now doesn’t work to.
Please help me recover drive.
Laptop was bought for my dad mainly to watch DVD’s, and he leaves tomorrow morning. This is like a deep nightmare for me. :sad:

It was a miracle, when I almost lost any hope and disassembled it with foughts of running tomorrow for a new DVD, tried to put it one more time and it was found with OEM firmware, but windows didn’t recognized it as DVD-RW, only CD-ROM. Flashed it back to retail.

Thread can be closed now. Thank you.