Need Help Recovering a disc



Hey guys, I’ve got a 74 min. Memorex disc (dark blue) that’s got some very important data on it I want to retrieve… now here’s my scenario…

I recorded the first track and session fine, and it worked fine, I even copied it OFF the cd to check it’s validity, so the data’s 100% ok, now, I added another session after that, using CDRwin as I had for the first session/track, but now all I can “see” in windows explorer is the second session!! WinOnCD detects the first session, and I’ve been able to create a disc image, but I’m pretty sure it’d give me the same result. I’ve tried Nero and it won’t burn the image after I create it and CDRwin doesn’t support ripping multisession discs…

This data’s VERY important, can anyone help?


Try making an ISO image of the disk with CDRWin and extracting it with IsoBuster


Thanks guys, well, I got it to work anyway, what I did was I made an “on the fly” copy using WinOnCD, but the catch was, LUCKILY, and I say LUCKILY, it failed to write the second session, so I ended up with just the first, the one I wanted.

Just for posterity, the reason this happened was because I didn’t set CDRwin to “import previous session”, so it figured it was writing to a blank disc, so it found the first clear spot and plopped the data there, then never referenced the first session at all. (it’s my belief that when you add a session, a totally new TOC is written, and the old one is voided somehow) Thus, it wrote the new TOC with only the second session’s cuepoints.

Oh, one other last note for posterity, I’ve done this before, however I didn’t know it was a problem, I didn’t have it import the session, and added data after a music cd, this seemed to work fine, the music played in the cd player, and the files showed up on the computer, however, I can’t play the AUDIO on a PC because it’s in the first session.

love to all, happy burning. :slight_smile: