Need help - recording volume in Nero Wave Editor!

Hey All,

I’ve been trying to use Nero Wave Editor to record little clips from audio already on my computer. For some reason, the volume level stays at ~-40dB. I’ve fiddled with all the volume controls and can’t seem to figure out why this is happening. Please help! :confused:

Try this if ye haven’t done it yet.
Open Windows Recording Control, Select Wave (or the one related to your mp3’s wav’s etc.) & adjust the rec. level. Play the audio in Winamp or whatever & record it in Nero Wave Editor. You can adjust the rec. level to get the desired deicbel level.
Good Luck

Volume -> change Volume -> adjust higher by rasing lever

I’ve already tried adjusting the Windows volume to no avail, and when I try adjusting the volume in Nero, it becomes louder, but it also has noise in the background, suggesting that it was recorded in a low-volume environment. Are there other volume controls in Nero that I can mess with? Thanks, guys.

Have you tried using the normalize function to raise the volume?

Yes, I tried that to the same effect: noise in background. I think maybe this has something to do with my computer and not the software because this isn’t just happening in Nero. Recording using other software like Goldwave or the basic Windows wav recorder does the same thing - very low volume. What could be wrong with my computer?