Need help recording from tivo to tv tuner card on my pc

Hi, i need help on capturing some movies i have on my tivo to my tv tuner card video capture…i have a hauppauge win tv hbr-1600 ntsc/atsc combo card on my pc…where do i connect the video cable to on the back of my tv tuner card ? there are 3 options - dtv ant, tv/cable ant,and fm ant ? please help…

I assume the TiVo output is SCART or something like it. This signal needs no tuning, but is just a normal video signal.

Now split the audio and video of the signal using on of these:

Your card has these inputs.

So, use s-video/composite in for the video. Use Stereo Audio In for the sound.

As far as I’m aware of, TiVo is used in the US only, where Scart connections are not used, so you will need an S-Video lead and a 2xRCA to 3.5mm stereo lead.

If your TiVo’s S-Video output is already in use, you will need to disconnect this existing connection and connect an S-Video lead between the TiVo’s output and your Hauppauge card’s S-Video input.

For the audio, use a 2xRCA to 3.5mm stereo lead (these are available in most electronics stores such as RadioShack) and connect the white & red audio outputs to the audio input on the Hauppauge card. If the card has no audio input, connect it to the PC’s audio Line-in socket.

Finally set up your capture software to begin recording, begin playback of the program on the TiVo and begin recording on the PC. It’s worth doing a few tests first to make sure the sound and video come fine.