Need help (recommendations) for external DVD burner

I’m in the market to buy an external DVD burner and need some help or recommendations. I have used the hp 300e in the past but dose not work now since my riend droped it.
Nothing over 200, he is what I have ound so far:
Fantom Premier 16x Dual Layer DVD±RW
LaCie DVD+/-RW Double Layer Drive
BUSlink DVD±RW (+R dual layer) drive
Sony DRX 720UL - DVD±RW
HP dvd630e
Pioneer DVR S806 - DVD±RW (+R dual layer) drive

Any other recommendations?

Check Freecom and Iomega too. Most reliable brands in the field of external drives.

Stay well away from ASUS.
I’ve had all sorts of drives but only trouble with ASUS.

You could just buy a standard internal drive and fit it in an external drive bay.