Need help--Recode DVD takes 1:1 time!

I have a portable media player that plays movies. As long as I have an mp4 file formate video, I can just throw it into a proprietary converter, which sets it up for uploading onto the portable media player no problem.

My problem is getting DVD’s into an mp4 format. Currently, I am using an external BenQ 16x DVD reader/writer. I have DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink, and Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

The DVD’s in question are not protected. And as such, I’ve been just throwing in the DVD, opening up Nero Recode, setting the mbps to 4.0 and pressing “burn”. But, for some reason, the recoding process takes 2 hours for a 2 hour DVD. What am I doing wrong here?

I have enabled DMA settings for the primary and secondary channel. That’s all I know how to do. Is there a faster and easier way for me to do this?

If you are using an external burner and it is that slow, the first place to check would be to make sure your USB ports are set to USB 2 rather than 1.1. Use CDSpeed and see what the burst rate test says. It is possible there is some media/firmware problem but the USB port is the place to start.

It’s having to do a lot of conversion work & the time taken is heavily dependent on your processor.

If I convert an AVI file of a 2 hour movie to DVD it’ll take more than 2 hours so converting a 2 hour DVD to MP4 format is likely to just as time consuming.

Oh, how disconcerting. I am using a laptop Pentium M processor 1600MHz 598 MHz, 1.50 GB of RAM. It’s really gonna take 1:1 on the recoding? Damn.