Need help really fast about oc

I tried to use mtkflash under the safe mode with command promp under win2k (as i don’t have a floppy)
This is what i’ve type and the message
Mtkflash 4 w /b vs08.bin
MTKFLASH by Joseph Lin, MTK 1998 (ver 1.48)
then nothing just a blinking cursor, no prompt
Restarted my comp and now i’ve lost my drive in the explorator
Tell me what i can do?
ps my drive is a 40125S and the drive is recognize by the bios with the original firmware

Well, since you screwed it up, you’ll have to do it the proper way now. Get a floppy drive, buy, borrow or steal and flash your liteon again in pure dos.

Did you read the sticky in this forum, it has everything there. Fully format a floppy disc and copy system files, as well as MTKFlash and your firmware on the disc. Reboot the computer and you should be in pure dos. So try again and post your results.