Need HELP really badly my DVD player won't play DVDs anymore

I have installed anyDVD (the trial version) a few days ago on my (old) Sony Laptop.

I only tried it today on my ‘Media Bar (came with the laptop) DVD player’ and it gave me an ‘illegal audio or video settings’ error.

I removed the AnyDVD including the Registration file. I still get that error.

My DVD is a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-C2402 1515

I cannot play DVDs anymore on my PC! At all! Not even on Region1, which is the region of my DVD player.

What should I do?

Please help.

I think that was just a coincidence, the inability to play DVD’s is another issue.
You can try this, go into Windows Explorer, then right click on your DVD drive and choose properties. Then click on the autoplay tab, under the content type select DVD movie, then select the software that came with the machine (media bar?).
Make sure the action to perform is checked, then hit apply, then OK.
If the software is functioning properly when a DVD is inserted it should begin to play.

If it doesn’t, possibly there is a problem with your software, if you are running XP do the proceedure mentioned above, only this time select Windows Media Player.
If it plays with Media Player then the problem lies in your software, uninstall it then reinstall it and see if that corrects it.

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