Need help re-authoring DVDs made with DVD-Lab



I stopped using DVD-Lab years ago but I still have some DVDs I authored with it. I ripped them to my HD so I could re-author them (I want to remove the title sequence) and convert them to MKV with Handbrake.

But DVDRemake and DVDShrink both choke on these DVDs. I can play them fine with WMC and MPC so I know it’s a problem with the authoring software, not the DVDs. I need something more robust, that will let me strip out the episodes with chapters intact and re-author them such that DVDRemake will process them.

DVDRemake’s log isn’t very informative:

Read DVD from: R:\file path bla bla bla
Read VMG
Read VTS1
Read VTS2
vtsm_vobs == 0 || (vtsm_vobs > vtsi_last_sector && vtsm_vobs < vts_last_sector) (788:VTS.cpp)
can’t load VTS 2

Any suggestions?


This seems to have done the trick:


Running the original dvd through FixVTS might have been enough.