Need help re a foam washer loose_Inside a DVD Drive

Hi…First I apologise if this is not the proper forum for my problem…I have a CD drive that had a problem so I had nothing to lose by removing the unit from its wrap round cover …What I found was a foam rubber washer …that has dislodged itself and I think this was jamming and preventing the tray from opening
I do not know where the foam rubber washer comes from…I can guess?? … But I am hoping somebody on the forum is familiar with a DVD with its cover off…and knows exactly what I am referring to here…
There is attached to the inside of the top cover ie the steel cover that wraps over the top of the DVD drive …a round plastic washer type thing …its the only thing attached to the inside of the top cover …
Anyway the round plastic piece is just flopping around loose which certainly does not look right and I strongly suspect the foam washer found should be between the plastic washer piece and the steel cover …basicly as a spacer and stopping the round plastic piece flopping around…
So I am hoping somebody on the forum can verify this and perhaps explain what these washers actually do …Again could they hold the cd in position when the tray closes??
Naturally I would be extremely grateful to acquire the answer here …Thanks…HK
PS…I have just pulled back the sticker and thought i would find a screw but no screw and realise that the part I refer to as a plastic washer is more than a washer and I will need to know how it comes out/off so as I can place the foam washer back in position if in fact thats where it goes…I suspect there is a technique involved getting the plastic piece out… which is not obvious to me ???Thanks HK

A foam rubber washer - well actually, sounds like a packing piece from a tub/cakebox of media has accidentally got into the drive.

Is it white/cream colour, centre hole the size of the CD hole and outside about the size of the CD hub area?

If so, it won’t be the first time that one has got into a drive!

The hub clamp is more likely sprung or weighted, that washer definitely sounds like a misplaced piece of media packing!

Matth…Thanks for your reply…Is it white/cream colour, centre hole the size of the CD hole and outside about the size of the CD hub area?
YES…You have described it perfectly …so its a foreign object?..So can I please ask what you mean by the hub clamp…Is this the round plastic “thing” located on the inside of the metal cover…it moves around quite freely .and is not sprung or weighted …but it makes sense to me that the CD after being inserted into the tray and closed would be held somehow against it…What I could do now is put everything back together again and try it…If its an electronic problem thats it but because the tray was absolutely jammed and unresponsive and finding the foam washer which clearly by its shape when found had been subject to pressure,I suspect this may have been the problem all along…I will let you know later …Thanks …

If would be more helpful if you can provide a picture so we can see what it is?? Also knowing what type of drive you have would also help?

Hi…I have no camera but then realised I had a Webcam so this what I have attached two what I have come up with…I have two more but unsure if i am allowed to upload them unless in a second posing…thanks HK

Heres the foam washer I found…HK

Yep. That foam washer is dross. Packing material from a spindle of CDs or DVDs.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2542862]Yep. That foam washer is dross. Packing material from a spindle of CDs or DVDs.[/QUOTE]

Agree that it is. Hopefully it didn’t any damage to your drive inside when spinning…?

Hi…I now know the drive is a CyberDrv CB511D Combo SCSI CdRom Device according to my system information…I did find the foam in the rear corner of the drive but I have now come to a dead end as I have set the drive up with no bottom or top covers (on wood) and connected it …It is recognised by my PC as working etc but is as dead as a door nail…I thought it might give a flicker of life …but doesnt …
I now wonder if my fiddling around has moved something I should not have…IE the optical lens but I would presume it self sets itself when power is applied.

I have checked the power supply and know its OK…so if any body can suggest any test I can do I would be grateful knowing…Thanks HK

That’s a really old drive and it’s probably at the end of its normal lifespan anyway.

You could try cleaning the lens with a lens cleaning disc but i don’t know if that’s worth the effort as drives are so incredibly cheap these days.

I know this isn’t what you’ve asked, but to be honest you’d probably be better looking on this as the right time to upgrade.


Hi…I agree …But its in a neighbours PC and he is immobilized and I am just trying to help him out…I had a battle getting his PC going and found out it was the capacitors in his MB …and having replaced them I won that battle…So was hoping to get the CD drive going as well and learning at the same time (I have a DVD drive of my own playing up?)…When I found the foam washer I thought that must be the problem .and having removed it I was hoping something to spark up when the power supply was plugged in but as I have already said …Its quite dead? HK

Wow that’s the PC equivalent of open heart surgery.

Don’t know that I’d go quite that far to rescue something myself but congratulations on getting that working. :clap:

You can buy a brand new DVD writer here in the UK for less than the equivalent of $14 and I presume they’re even cheaper in the US.

ATM you’ve got nothing to lose though so if you’re determined to have a go at rescuing it then check out this guide.

It’s for an Xbox 360 drive but the principles are identical.


Hi…They are not dear here either…Re the MB …I did have help and the capacitors were the final throw of the dice to try…NOW thanks for the link …I wish I had seen whats written there before I started fooling around …I “pulled two ribbons”…and going by what I saw in the link I did it incorrectly …I have put them back but I have probably done some damage pulling them …I will recheck them with a magnifying head band to see if I can see any damage…and try again and if it doesn’t go …thats it…?
I have learnt several things which may come in handy in the future and once again everybody thanks for all the help…HK

My pleasure. :flower:

Let us know how you get on and good luck with the rescue project.


Most older computers use CD and DVD Drives with the IDE/PATA interface. Most recent and current computers use CD and DVD Drives with the SATA interface.

Yeah that’s true but the machine referred to has a SCSI CD drive which is an even older standard.

It should be possible to add an IDE model though if the original drive can’t be repaired.