Need Help Quick!plz



Look i have a game,
(battlefield 1942 to be specific) it says 2 cd next to the file name…
and it has three files in 2 folders, it has a mdf (414.27mb) and a mds (486b) and in the 2nd folder it has a Iso file (723.22mb)…i need help getting this PC game onto disk so i can play it thanks. Thanks in advance


come on guys plz i really want to play this game

here is a screen shot of the files much appreciated if you help!


The mds & mdf files go together & can be burned to CD with alcohol 120, DVD Decrypter etc. DVD DEcrypter ( is free & an excellent image burner plus it rips DVD movies to hard drive. It’ll also burn the iso file so get it and burn your CDs.


Correct me if I’m wrong but this would tend to suggest you didnt pay for the game like I and so many others have, but instead stole it.


no actually its a burnt backup copie of the game i bought ages ago that my mate stole and lost so this is all i have left!


So the mdf and mds on one disk? and the iso on the 2nd disk?


Please accept my apologies. Go here and download the Alcohol 120% 30 day trial. Use Alcohols image finder to scan for your .iso and .mds files. After locating them burn them with the image burning wizard (right click on the files) using the Safedisc 2/3 dataype. Provided the images were created correctly they should burn to disc fine. Its as easy as that.


ok thanks…it worked and i installed it then when i got to play the game it says “please insert correct disk” so i put in the first disk withe the iso image sfile burnt onto it and it doesnt work so i then put 2nd disk in with the mds burnt files in and it doesnt work! :frowning: plz help i f you can


Enable the Virtual Drives. Mount the MDS file from you HDD into one. (right click the MDS - “Mount on Device”). I doubt you’ll be able to play off the physical disc.


not the best type of mates to have

Did you follow pollushon instructions correctly? It should be working Ok and the game should start playing from your backup copy as long as you made your backup image using the Safedisk 2/3 datatype from the original. If you used some other datatype setting when you made the image it might be more difficult to play the game from the backup. Try and burn it again and make sure all your settings are correct.


get a no cd crack, that will fix it up. unless you use something like clonecd you will get that (its an antipiracy measure)


Yea - put a file into a directory from someone you dont know that executes binary when launched…Real Clever, I spose you open up executable email attachments from people you dont know as well.
Alcohol 120% is just like Clone CD. Virtual Drives are a much safer option than risking your machines stability with a Crack.



you need to get out more. no cd cracks arent dastardly evil creatures that are waiting to cease advantage of your computer.

my machine has never lost its stability because of a crack! <goes back to try and resolve bsod after no cd’ing doom 3> lol.


No cracks, no warez and other illegal stuff allowed.
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