Need help putting a 2 disc movie onto one dvd

ok well i downloaded a movie and theres 2 files, disc one and disc two, i converted the .avi files to the files i need to for burning them to a dvd. what i want to know is how do i put both sets of the .vob and other dvd files i need from both folders into nero? i put disc one files in then go to put dics two files in and it says you cant have the two sets of .vob and i renamed them and then it says it may not work on a dvd player, so im lost.

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If you already converted these avi into DVD, then you should have two separate folders each containing a movie. I suggest to open the first movie with DVD Shrink, then go in re-author mode, load the second movie, so creating a new “compilation” containing both movies.

However, if both movies are large, to fit both on a single disc could require a lot of compression, and video quality can be ugly.

thank you for your help

You’re welcome :slight_smile: