NEED HELP ps2 dvd?

:bow: :bow: ok here is the problem.
I downloaded games for ps2. I know how to copy the games on to the dvds using the dvd encryptor, and nero and blah blah blah. But here is the problem.

the first game i dowloaded was bully and put it onto a cd a 4x speed. The game workes perfectly fine…no laggs or any glitches. Then i get the game dynasty warriors and i burn it at 4x speed and i play it on the ps2 using Swap Magic. The game glitches and lags and barly works. That also happened to other games i got.

Ss the questions of Have are

  • do i have to burn at 2x speed.
  • if yes, what cds do i use.
  • is my burner capable of burning and 2x speed or do i have to get a
    new one.(how do i check)
  • what dvd do you recomend
    -or is there a different reason y it doesnt work.

ty and plz post


Hi polskaguy and welcome to CD Freaks,

downloading games is illegal and you won’t get help on burning illegal downloaded material onto CD/DVD here in our forums.

Please read our Forum rules before posting next time and consider yourself warned.

Thread closed! :cop: