Need help ps1 games



:bow: just beginning can someone help me???
i would like to make a copy ps1 game for my son ,which he loves
what would i need to start .


first you need a cd burner (or dvd burner,they also burn cds). you need the game you want to backup and backup software(like nero, lots of others out there too) and some blank cds.


i have nero 6.6 i dont have broblems burning dvd.
i dont know anything about ps1 games.


ok my bad, i forgot an important thing your ps1 needs a mod chip or a boot up disk. if you have the mod chip just burn it like a regular cd in nero and you shouldn’t have a problem. 99% of ps1 games don’t have copy protection so you don’t have to worry about that.


thanks ill give it a go i thought i needed alcohol 120 %,
ps i have a mode chip thanks again… :cool:


with my luck “” i still have that 1% chance.
then what???


here is a list of copy protected games
just click on gamelist up top and you’ll see them.

and if you game is on there you’ll need a patcher which will solve your problem.


just click on your url link, which is now closed and will no longer be operating.
what is a patcher???


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@ marisa

You don’t need a patcher but if the disc is libcrypt protected you won’t be able to copy it successfully with nero. You’ll need to use either CloneCD or alcohol.

However, most playstation cds downunder have no protection other than the boot protection which is defeated by the mod chip.

To be able to help you further, please let us know what game you’re trying to copy and what type of reader/writer you’ve got.


lol it says it closed and won’t be UPDATED, but if click on gamelist up top you should get a list of copy protected games(don’t know if its all of them). anyways what game you try’n to back up?

a patch is a file you apply to image file of the cd to remove the copy protection.
there are some protection on games that checks if you have a mod chip in your ps1.


As posted before you dont need a patcher just read and write with clonecd using the libcrypt profile.
Or for alcohol use the plastation datatype…