Need help: Post your favorite -R media for nd-3500

I need good, longlasting DVD-R media for 2 burners:

Pioneer dvr-520H hihi recorder

NEC nd-3500

I live in Belgium (Europe). What would you recommend? The pioneer only burns -R so I’ll buy the same media for both. Anything good from this shop?

Please post the exact brand + manufacturer that you prefer. Speed doesn’t matter, QUALITY does, 4x is enough for me. I will burn video and music on them. Please help a desparate noob. I bought other media that wasn’t even recognised by my current nd-1100 drive. I am going to buy the 3500 tomorrow.


You might want to check out .
They sell Verbatim and TDK media which are both high grade media for a good price.

Ok then, what brand?


Voor 4x branden, neem de Fuji, de Ritek G04 of de Verbatim.

Voor 8x branden, neem de Plextor, de Platinum of de Verbatim.

Voor het allerbeste resultaat Plextor nemen (Taiyo Yuden).

Kijk ook eens op voor lagere prijzen!

I can only speak for the ND3500, I mostly use +R media, but I have been testing the Sony 1-8X DVD-R on the ND3500(2.17). This is Sony branded SONY08D1. First scan is @8X,second @16X.

I’ll say this in dutch.

Ik vind de beste momenteel nog steeds de dvd+r bitsetted naar dvd-rom, en ik raad RICOH JPN R02 aan, 12X met beta 8 en zéér goed. Wil je echt dvd-r, ga dan voor RITEK G04 (ridisc of ridata) die branden ook zéér goed met beta 8. Beide te koop op

Is took a look at this thread about media quality and the nd 3500

I can’t just return the other maxell dvd’s that don’t work to the shop without burning anything in return, so I was almost going to send them this mail, asking them to order one of these brands. This is what happend and made me decide to buy a new burner tomorrow :slight_smile:

The media will be burned with either a NEC nd-3500 or a pioneer 520 hifi burner.

  1. Ritek G04 DVD-R 4X Printable spindel (50 stuks)
  2. Ridisc (Ritek G04) DVD-R 4X (50st)
  3. Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
  4. Traxdata DVD-R 8X Cakebox (25st) (Ritek G05)
  5. Platinum DVD-R 8X Cakebox (25st) (Ritek G05)
  6. Traxdata DVD-R 4X Cakebox (10st) (Ritek G05)

Just checking if you would agree? What about printable media. Doesn’t this damage the cd? Is this better than labeling them afterwards? Any comments or additions to the list?