Need help plz with this

Hi ppl!

I have bought a new motherboard Asus P4C800 Deluxe + P4 2.40C (HT) + DDR 2x256Mb 800MHz.


I installed the CPU to the motherboard start up the comp. Check the bios and the default settings are auto for the CPU.

I restart the comp. and the AI interface tells me that I have overclocked it ( I get a sound message: “CPU OC Failur - test”

what is wrong here???

Need help asap.

Have you tried updating the Bios??

yeap, I have the latest bios version that I can get from asus released (not beta).

I have this exact same setup, just a diff cpu, and latest update. The motherbaord always does this. I myself don’t know why. It does it every time you insert/remove/replace/swap any pci or agp peripheral, cpu, or ram. Maybe its a fail safe feature. Anyhow, go into BIOS and then exit and it will boot normal, until next time you make a change that is.

If you dont care to ever overclock, set it to standard and not auto for CPU settings. It wioll not try overclcoking for you that way at all. It might even permanently resolve this issue. I like the board except I find it boots kinda slow.

I have tryed that too, but it says anyway that I hve clocked it, I have put the Voltage to 1.525V cuz if I read the label on the Intel box it says “1.525V max.”. One more thing is, I don’t OC the CPU at all, Im running it standard with auto feature and it says that I have OC it. I have sett all the CPU features to the lowest features also but it says that to. So I really don’t know what to do?

Odd, mine only does it after a significant hardware change. I guess your case is more extreme. Call ASUS, I did, their phone response time is very good, < 5min.

oki, greit! I will do that today. ta for all help atm.

The only other thing I could tell you to try is to remove all cards (ie, lan, modem, sound) except for video. Clear the CMOS. And then boot to see if you get the error still. If you dont, install one card at a time, booting after installing each one to see if the error returns. I dont know if this will help or not, but I am a computer tech, and the only way to troubleshoot sometimes is to take it to bare minimums and start there.

Hope this helps. Let us know what ASUS says.

oohh! that I forgot to do, I will do that tonight after work.

I will ofc tell you what Asus says.

And if that doesnt solve you`re problem try a different psu.

I have made it! there was my slot with 3com NICard that was the bad thing. It hade the same irq as my psu I guess or something like that. it was harware default on it, so I couldn’t change it eiter. but many thanks fellas for all the suport I got from you :wink:

i doubt it was an irq conflict with the psu since the power supply got no irq. Anyway glad you fixed it :slight_smile: