Need help>>please

i have a dell vostro 1310 and a matshita dvd ±RW UJ 875S driver i can write dvds but i cant write cd’s when i tried to write it it says unspecfied recorder eroor my recorder was working fine but now a days i am having this problems please help!!!:sad: here is log

Your Nero log shows a Hardware Error. I suspect that the laser used for writing to cds is no longer functioning correctly. There is a separate laser for writing to dvds, so it is possible for one to fail independently of the other.

If you still have warranty coverage, I’d send it in for a replacement drive.

If not, you might want to invest in an external cd/dvdrw drive.

hey thanks for replying my cd writer is working fine for dvd writing here is its log

but i cannot write cds i can get up to 60% and then bum it says as u know please compare this log and tell me exact problem:bow::bow:

Logsucsses.txt (11.6 KB)

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Have you tried a different brand of CDR? Matshita drives are notoriously picky, so maybe yours doesn’t do well with your Sony discs.

DMA would appear to be enabled, so that’s good.

Does the drive READ CD media OK?

Personally, if I had a machine with a Matshita drive in it, the first thing I would do is invest in an external drive, as Kerry suggested. Better chance of compatability with more media. :wink:

As I said before, the laser used for writing to cds is [B]not[/B] the same as the one used to write to blank dvd media. The cd laser is probably malfunctioning to some degree, and no longer works for burning. Matshita drives are some of the worst made, and have an extremely poor reputation for burn quality and longevity.