Need help. please~

i have nec2500 dvd burner. when i burn data files (.zip, .exe., .rar * etc)
i don’t get any errors when reading it.

but when i burn video data (.avi, .mpeg.) on a disc i get crc error when
reading the data. i’m not making video dvd’s. i’m just backing up my hard
drive. i used ridata discs using ner burning rom. i have windows xp pro.

i don’t have any other dvd reader to test if it’s nec2500’s problem.

i want to know if i’m doing something wrong.

thank you.

andy paik

crc errors are due to an unreadable media. Ridata media are not the best. Try to burn some quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo yuden.

Anyway, to do a scan you don’t need a dvd reader, but a dvd burner because scans obtained from readers are not reliable.

get a dvd burner

:confused: :confused: He has a NEC 2500 DVD burner.

Try other DVD media. Ridata isn’t the best media.

OK Ridata is not the best, but here I suspect a buffer / disc fragmentation problem, as the guy can burn small files but not larger files.

Try to defragment the source HD :slight_smile:

Also it would be nice to mention:

  1. 2500 firmware version
  2. Discs model and rated speed, +R, -R…
  3. Burning speed used

Nice call!